He was not the first nor the last, as several local churches learned. Although they did not know who he was or where he came from, his passing right in their neighborhood helped them understand a true and lasting problem. They realized that although there were systems in place to care for the homeless in Southeast Baltimore County, someone could still lose his life to the elements.

Why? Was shelter not enough? Ending homelessness is more than finding a place with a roof and walls. It is about friends and neighbors who will care for someone, even when everyone else in his life has given up.

Streets of Hope – the Cold Weather Men’s Shelter provides 16 beds and warm meals to homeless men in the cold weather months, serving 30 to 50 men per year. The time limit keeps our guests actively looking for physical and spiritual improvement so they are prepared to move on when the closes at the end of April. With a coalition of church volunteers from all denominations, we build relationships with our guests that carry beyond our open months. These relationships lead to jobs, new homes, and lasting support networks.

We incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2010 to garner support from our churches, the public and Baltimore County. Since then we have expanded to offer year-round case management and housing stability services, to men, women, and families. We continue to make new success stories with the folks we serve. Won’t you help us battle homelessness right now?


Churches for Streets of Hope, a non-profit organization, brings high quality, compassionate care to individuals experiencing homelessness or who are otherwise in need, by mobilizing the faith community and others in Baltimore County to bring high quality and compassionate care to neighbors experiencing homelessness or otherwise in need, thus rekindling hope and aspiration in those we serve as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.


To function as a coalition of churches, community groups, volunteers, and others that provides:
- Low-barrier, professional shelter services to men.
- A place where individuals can find empathetic support and a sense of belonging.
- A central location that offers essential resources,
- A valuable and dependable partnership with Baltimore County,
- Relationship building among Christian communities as they work together.


Churches for Streets of Hope began with a coalition of area churches who wanted to help our local homeless community. It now includes more than 25 churches plus a number of organizations who participate in our ministry, and we are always looking for more.

Member churches and organizations can attend and vote on essential decisions in our annual meeting held every Spring. Find out how to get your church involved with Streets of Hope by emailing outreach@churchesforsoh.org

Churches who provide meals, volunteers, and/or other in-kind donations regularly in 2024:

Member Churches

Partner Organizations

Organizations that provide meals, volunteers, and/or other in-kind donations regularly include:

The space we utilize is donated by Boulevard Christian Church.

In addition, these churches and organizations provide monetary donations to help our ministries:

These churches/organizations have hosted or planned fundraisers to benefit Streets of Hope: 

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