Volunteer Opportunities

We need people who have a heart for those who are unhoused.

Almost half of our work is done by folks like yourself who have a few hours to spare during a week and choose to give it to the Streets of Hope ministries. These are people who regard others with compassion and understanding, and want to do something to help. Streets of Hope offers an environment that fosters getting to know each other as members of the same community. We also encourage young people to be included in this volunteer work.


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If you are affiliated with a partner church or organization, please fill out the information below. If you are serving in a meal team, please fill in your meal team leader's name.
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As a majority volunteer organization, we need to know exactly how many hours are spent doing specific tasks for future funding and good records for you, our supporters. Please fill out your hours below. If you participated in more than one volunteer category today, please enter the category and number of hours spent in lines 2 or 3. For example, if you spent 1 hour serving a meal and 2 hours preparing it, please choose "Meal serving" and "1" in line 1, and "Meal preparation" and "2" in line 2.