Preparing And Serving A Meal

We are thankful to provide breakfast and dinner for our guests through the generous donation of our volunteers and member churches. Our ministry thrives because it belongs to our member churches and organizations. We encourage any group to participate, especially those in Southeast Baltimore County. Bring a study group, office team, class, youth team, ministry leaders, or rotate families to serve and get to know our guests. To get involved with serving a meal, sign up below.

For more information contact:
Andi Fuhrman

Help Keep Our Neighbors Warm And Fed


-Choose a contact person / group leader. Communication is always easier with one person should there be any changes in schedule, inclement weather, etc. That person is responsible for confirming your church's arrival at all of your designated mealtimes.

-Submit a meals signup form here or contact us at (or call 443-605-8954 ). Please sign up before October 5 with dates or a day of the week where your group can serve. Some serve weekly, others bi-weekly, others monthly. Mealtimes are available every night starting at 6:00pm, November - April. If you have not signed up before October 5, please note that dates are always changing. We will do our best to provide you with available nights to serve, but cannot guarantee your requested mealtimes will be open.

-Wait to receive our welcome packet and for the meals calendar to be posted. Your dates may conflict with others, so it is possible we will ask to adjust some mealtimes.

-Review our recipe book and servers' guide on what to prepare throughout the shelter season.


While serving dinner is a major part of providing for our guests, we still need items for breakfast and occasional lunches during freezing conditions. If you or your organization have food of any kind you wish to donate, please contact us to find out if there is a need at that time. To arrange food donation, please contact Director of Operations, Otis: 443-764-4249 or call Meal Team Coordinator Andi: 443-605-8954
Current Food Donation Request from meal teams includes:

-One large box of cereal (please not a lot of cheerios products)
-One gallon of milk
-One case of 16 oz. water bottles
-One juice/fruit drink - 40-60 oz.
-One small loaf of bread or rolls
-One or more 2- liter bottles of soda (no diet please)
-Fruit (bananas, tangerines, apples) or pre-packaged fruit cups
-Small snack packages such as crackers, cookies, breakfast bars (granola bars, poptarts)
We also appreciate donations of:
- Casseroles and soups for the freezer, for inclement weather days
- Coffee, sugar, creamer, paper plates, napkins, plastic tableware, 12 oz hot cups, 12 oz cold cups, trash bags, paper towels

Meals Signup

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Let us know when you would like to serve the meal. We will make every effort to honor your request, but we want to give everyone who wants to serve an opportunity to do so.