Committee Work

We are looking for members for several active committees that do much of the work of the organization. Most committees meet monthly, often online. These include

-Fundraising – Plan and organize fundraising events, arranging for publicity.
-Finance – Work with the Treasurer to manage the financial affairs of CSOH.
-Shelter Committee – Plan for special enrichment activities and extras to be offered.
-Church Relations – Keep in touch with our churches, bring in new ones to expand our coalition.
-Communications – Support Fundraising and Church Relations through regular posting of material on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn) and the website.
-Property – Assist the Director of Operations with matters related to the upkeep,enhancement, and security of the parts of the church building we use.
-Program Support – Client welfare and advocacy; Workforce development.
-Volunteer Coordination – Recruit volunteers and interns; maintain a volunteer database; volunteer recognition.

For further information about any of these committees, contact


Churches for Streets of Hope began with a coalition of area churches who wanted to help our local homeless community. It now includes more than 25 churches plus a number of organizations who participate in our ministry, and we are always looking for more.

Member churches and organizations can attend and vote on essential decisions in our annual meeting held every Spring. Find out how to get your church involved with Streets of Hope by emailing

Churches who provide meals, volunteers, and/or other in-kind donations regularly in 2024:

Member Churches

Partner Organizations

Organizations that provide meals, volunteers, and/or other in-kind donations regularly include:

The space we utilize is donated by Boulevard Christian Church.

In addition, these churches and organizations provide monetary donations to help our ministries:

These churches/organizations have hosted or planned fundraisers to benefit Streets of Hope: