Journey Forward Memorial Fund

In Loving Memory of Rev. Rutkauskas, “Pastor Rick”

Rev. Rutkauskas, "Pastor Rick"

In January 2022, the Board of Directors of Churches for Streets of Hope established the Journey Forward Memorial Fund with monies donated to the organization in memory of Rev. Richard Rutkauskas, ELCA Lutheran Minister and a man of God dedicated to mission of the organization. Rev. Rutkauskas, or “Pastor Rick” as he preferred, believed it was important to assist those experiencing homelessness along their Journey forward towards re-homing and was a long-term supporter of CSOH. The Journey Forward Memorial Fund (JFMF) is open to all who wish to donate in honor or in memory of loved ones, friends and special individuals.

The purpose of the JFMF is to give needed assistance to clients of the Streets of Hope Community Care Center who are experiencing a critical shortfall of funds, in order to help them take advantage of opportunities or avoid a deterioration in their situation. The funds in the Memorial Fund will be used for expenses related to moving clients to re-homing. As this fund is new and resources are limited, current clients will be given priority. If resources allow, past clients and others with a history with the Community Care Center needing help may apply.


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