Meals FAQ

Home cooked meals

Home cooked meals are preferable and should consist of a main dish, side dish (or casserole) and dessert along with the additional items requested. Carry out items are fine also. Salads and dinner rolls are also appreciated.

Meal teams

Meal teams should consist of no more than 4 persons 12 years of age or older unless make arrangements with Manika Neville – Shelter Coordinator (443-858-5043) instead of Bridget Heeter. Otis Trawally’s number: 443-764-4249.

Amount of food

Prepare enough food for a total of 20 people – 16 clients and 4 others (staff or guests). You will be notified if clients have any dietary restrictions

You can check the website calendar

Let the Meals Coordinator know ASAP what you will be serving. Check the website calendar [] to see what has been served recently to help with your menu planning.


confirm your serving dates

Please check the meal calendar on the website to confirm your serving dates .


Changes to the Calendar

Any changes or additions to the calendar must be made by the Meals Coordinator

Hot Foods

If at all possible, bring your food in crock pots or ceramic/glass containers that can be reheated in the microwave. If metal pans are used, they may be reheated on the warming trays. Hot food should be served at a temperature of 165 degrees. The food temperature must be taken and recorded by a trained staff member.

Cold Foods

Cold Foods must be served at a temperature of 41 degrees or lower. There is a cooling mat in the freezer for your use.


food serving safety guidelines

Each team must adhere to the food serving safety guidelines by washing hands or using hand sanitizer and wearing gloves (provided) when serving food.


inclement weather

In case of inclement weather contact Bridget Heater -Shelter Manager (410-493-8892) or Darleen as soon as you feel unsafe delivering food so that other arrangements can be made.

For more Information contact:

Andi Fuhrman


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