Our Location


In 2018, we partnered with Boulevard to host offices and services on the lower floor of the building. The church generously provides office space, storage, and rooms for our cold weather shelter to operate. Zoning and upgrades to the building were completed in 2020 that allowed for overnight sleeping. These included a sprinkler system, fire alarm system, and fire doors. A shower and laundry facilities were installed as well.

The entrance for shelter guests is under an overhang, providing a gathering space that’s somewhat sheltered from the weather. The parking lot along the side of the building provides ample space for our volunteers and meal teams to park close to the visitor entrance near the rear. Security cameras are in operation around the outside of the building.

We are mindful of being good neighbors in the community. Our shelter guests participate in clean-up days in the surrounding area, and our annual cookout draws in neighbors as well as past guests, friends, and staff.


Churches for Streets of Hope began with a coalition of area churches who wanted to help our local homeless community. It now includes more than 25 churches plus a number of organizations who participate in our ministry, and we are always looking for more.

Member churches and organizations can attend and vote on essential decisions in our annual meeting held every Spring. Find out how to get your church involved with Streets of Hope by emailing outreach@churchesforsoh.org

Churches who provide meals, volunteers, and/or other in-kind donations regularly in 2024:

Member Churches

Partner Organizations

Organizations that provide meals, volunteers, and/or other in-kind donations regularly include:

The space we utilize is donated by Boulevard Christian Church.

In addition, these churches and organizations provide monetary donations to help our ministries:

These churches/organizations have hosted or planned fundraisers to benefit Streets of Hope: