Steps To Get Shelter

If you or a man you know aged 18 or older has no shelter for the night, please take the following steps to reserve a bed with us if beds are available.

(1)Call DSS at 410-887-8463 as close to 8:30am as possible. Leave a message with a call-back number if you can’t get through to a representative. When speaking with a representative, explain your situation and ask them to send a referral for you to the Streets of Hope Shelter in Essex.

(2) Wait for our call. Once we receive a DSS referral, we will inform the person in need of shelter if we have a bed available.

(3) Arrive on time. Shelter opens at 6:00 p.m. each night. A guest must arrive within three (3) days of referral at opening time to keep his bed reservation. Intake begins the night he enters the shelter.

(4) Check our guest policies and procedures before deciding to enter our cold weather shelter. We are a drug- and alcohol-free facility.

(5) Think about how you or the person you know needs help. Our staff and volunteers can assist with finding employment, housing, addiction help, and resources to help break the cycle of homelessness